Paint the Sun

Here comes a street fight

Twenty more good kids with black eyes

Another daughter crushed the cage

That surrounds her fathers heart

They race cars at night

But tyres dont stick on to black ice

And in the morning theyll be asking

Do these teeth belong to you

Do these teeth belong to your best friend


Are you ready

‘Cus something needs to change

Are you ready

Everybody knows we have

Everybody knows we have

All the colours we need


You never grow right

When loosing the first love of your life

And in the morning theyll be asking do you know


Tell me, tell me

Are you ready

Are you serious

Move along cus theres not much left here to proove

People only ever whisper when they dont believe

From now i swear that i will scream if i have something to say


We have it all

So lets Paint the Sun

Bring back the colours


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