Fans of Faye

Biography 2012

Fans of Faye are:
Zachary Hart (Vocals),
Matt Vale (Guitar/Vocals),
Ian Grant (Guitar),
Jamie Kerr (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals),
Jack Sidaway (Drums)

In 2003, Stourbridge native Zachary Hart formed a band aged just twelve; 2013 will therefore see the tenth anniversary of his band’s formation and although the intervening years have seen many personnel changes, today’s fixed line-up shares the same ambitions and passion as the three friends who began it all, nearly a decade ago.

Like many young outfits, the band has been through many name changes, covering the not-so-sublime to the entirely ridiculous. But in the winter of 2004, a dear friend and inspiration to the band, Faye, tragically lost her life in a car crash. She was the catalyst for their youthful passion for writing and performing their own music, so her premature death sealed the band’s moniker as a lasting testimony.

Shunning the usual hasty rush to play on the national scene, Fans of Faye instead chose to focus on the Midlands gig circuit. After all, this heartland of music has in the past given us Diamond Head, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and, of course, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, who is still a regular sight strolling around town (indeed, Plant previously went to the same college as Zach and Ian). This rich musical heritage is a motivation and inspiration for Fans of Faye and yet they are also very keen to mark out their own creative path.

This local live focus has been rewarded with a strong and loyal fan-base, who in return have seen them support the likes of Versa Emerge, Francesqa, Not Advised/Natives and The Casting Out (ex-Boy Sets Fire).

Their impressive live pedigree has now been channelled into a debut album, Designed To Be, produced by Gavin Monaghan/Magic Garden Recording Studios, due for release in autumn 2012. Their first full-length record will firmly cement the band’s growing reputation as an exciting and hugely promising new act, energetically supported by an extensive tour of the UK. This twin attack will undoubtedly see FoF upgrade their regional fan-base to a national level.

The first single to be taken from the debut will be released on September 3rd, 2012 entitled ‘Paint The Sun’. The accompanying video was produced by the excellent Wide Awake Films.

Get used to hearing the words … “We are … Fans Of Faye”.

 Left to right: Matt Vale, Jack Sidaway, Zachary Hart, Ian Grant, Jamie Kerr.

Faye Charlotte Newton

Faye Charlotte Newton

On December 17th 2004, Faye Charlotte Newton was returning home from University for the
Christmas holidays, when she was involved in a car crash.

She was rushed to hospital and spent the following 5-days fighting for her life.

On the 22nd December, she tragically lost her battle, aged 19.

Faye was a friend, inspiration and role model to brothers Zach and Elijah, who not even into their teenage years, had formed a band to emulate the music she has introduced them too.

Her premature death cruelly deprived many of her kind and compassionate nature, but it was her passion for life and the things she loved that left its mark.  She was the silent driving force and enthusiasm behind the formation of a band that would eventually go on to bear her name.

When Faye passed away in the winter of 2004, the decision was made for the band to go forward, under the new name, Fans of Faye. The young boys who had lost an inspiring friend, found comfort in the belief that by taking on Faye’s name it would play as a constant reminder, as to why they are in this band. And by their fans supporting them and their name, the tribute to Faye would grow along with the bands following.